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Natural Stone Beauty


About Us makes truly custom natural stone beauty for your home. You provide the ideas, Stone Impressions provides the finished product!  Check out their website and see for yourself!

Artisan Stone Tile - Natural Stone Decorative Tiles makes already beautiful stone more beautiful with gorgeously styled patterns imprinted on travertine and marble stones. Their designs are stocked for immediate shipment from Southern California!  Check out their ready to ship designs here!



Hello All,

A while ago…one of our employees clicked on a malicious link in an unexpected email much like the one many of you received today.

If you have received an email from Jon Kozeny of Premier Distributing titled “Jon Kozeny Premier Distributing File”, please delete immediately!   Opening the email will likely not cause you problems but clicking the link in the body of the email may very well cause you the same headaches that we are dealing with today.

If you clicked on the link, even if you saw nothing happen, we highly recommend you reach out to your IT professional, explain to them what happened, and ask for advice on what to do next.

We have no way of knowing what this link does, but some of the things it COULD POTENTIALLY do are:

  • Steal your contacts
  • Install malware on your computer
  • Gain access to passwords stored on your computer (including banking, email, etc.)
  • Replicate the email you received and send it to all contacts in your address book
  • A bajillion other things…

For future reference, never, ever, ever click on a suspicious looking link or attachment.  If you are not expecting a link or attachment being sent to you, before clicking / opening, confirm with the sending party (by phone?) that the link or attachment is legitimate.

The US Government’s Computer Emergency Readiness Team has provided the following info for how to recognize and avoid email scams  (this link is safe!).


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Changes to Premier Stock: Positano (Roca) and Ethos (Alfalux)

Hello All, Please note, we will be discontinuing the stocking the following import items: Series: Positano – Manufacturer: Roca Series: Ethos – Manufacturer: Alfalux Both series are still being manufactured, however, once stock is relieved these products...

Itagres Imports Announcement

Hello All, Please note, due to supply issues, we will be discontinuing the import of all Itagres items from Brazil. This includes 3 stocked series (all wood looks).  We still have PLENTY of stock available.  If you are looking for quantity to stock at a highly...

Labor Day Reminder – Cutoffs for Trucks Coming Next Week!

Hey Folks, Final reminder…due to the Labor Day holiday, we will be our PO’s for trucks due in next week at 10:00 am THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 1st (a full day early). Separately, if you have shipments that normally truck out on Monday’s, please let your...