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Vitromex V+

Ragno Transparent

Del Conca USA

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Feliz Navidad! (Happy Holidays)

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Featuring: 5/6th of the Premier Showroom Designer Dance Troup

Introducing: Level 43 Mosaics


Made in the USA (in Michigan)

100% Recycled Glass

Eight Unique 1×2 Mosaics Stocked in Premier Warehouses

Non-Stock Items Including User Defined Blends Custom Made in 3 Weeks!

Economical Cost (pricelist here)

Broad color palette to choose from (colors here)

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Tec Specialty Products Pricing Update

As promised yesterday, new price lists for 2016 are being completed daily.  Next one up? Tec Specialty Products TEC has issued a price increase of 4% to 5% across the board on their materials.  Due to programs we have currently running with Tec, a few core items may...

Price List Changes

Hello All and Happy 2016! This is the first post of what figures to be a few regarding pricing updates. Interceramic and Maniscalco pricing has been updated on our website to reflect changes that will go into effect on February 1st, 2016. Interceramic: Though there...

Discontinue of Macrame / Replacing with Ragno Giuliana

HAPPY NEW YEAR from Premier Distributing. We wish you a safe, healthy and happy transition from 2015 to 2016! Please note, we will be discontinuing ongoing stock of our Macrame glass line (Muscox, Jute, Angora, and Sisal).  We may still have access to these items as...